Saturday, 18 June 2011

Shop Art @ London Graphic Centre

This week some of my stuff was featured in the London Graphic Centre's "Shop Art" Exhibition. I'm also featured on the website here.  These are a few pics of my pieces that are on show.

I also got a double-page spread in the mini catalogue thing! 
(I hhhhhhhhate writing about my work! Also, it's not great that i spelt the epic street artist BLU's name with an 'e' on the end. poor effort.)

There were also a few blank boards put up for people to doodle on. It would've been rude not too....
(the two middle pieces were collaborations with the irritatingly good illustrator Tom Buddle.)

 The work is all going to be up for a few weeks more so if you're in London go check it out. There's some really great stuff by loads of people including.....

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