Monday, 25 April 2011

Some of last week and a bit of this morning.

Here's my latest canvas and then some slightly more random sketchbook pics... and umm......go!
(if you click the pics they go big! WOW!)

Should be starting a bigger canvas soon so stay tuned...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Thirty-one days later.

Another month after the last post? poor effort...

I've had a bit of a brain block for a few weeks so I've not done quite as much work as i'd have liked but here goes...
First up, i tried my hand at a bit of product embellishment. I think it turned out pretty well though i could've picked an easier frame for my first attempt! As per usual its all montana spray, posca paint markers and acrylic paint.

I've been working on the fifth character in my Elemental series for a while now but seem to have gotten stuck. The only progress I've made on it is filling in the globe.

So that I didn't spend (any more) hours just staring at it wondering how to finish it I started looking for other things to work on. The first is mostly just a test to see how the broken buildings look in paint instead of purely ink. The second is a piece I started about six months ago and since then has just sat in a corner, half-finished. It was one of the first pieces where I started playing around with the paint marker over acrylic paint.

And finally, because after doing those two pics i STILL couldn't finished the character canvas, I did a few random sketchbook pics. I stuck with the same cast but tried to change up the style. I quite like how they came out. Might see how they look on canvas or even as a two colour print?

aaaaaaaaaaand that's your lot.
Hopefully I'll post something before another month's past!