Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stuff and things and different stuff.

No need for introductions i think? ready? aaaand.... Pictures!

This one i started about a month ago and then got hidden under a pile of other things. Not much left to finish now apart from to fill in the background clouds. Remember, when in doubt; clouds.

These two guys came from the idea surrounding the digital "Harvest" pic I posted last month. Check it out, there's three different mediums going on there! Three!!! Madness i tells ya...

(Though I've just realised neither of of them are actually holding anything..... Well that's something to put in the next post at least...)

(My photography is rrrrrreally bad but hopefully soon i'll be getting all the boards and canvases so far shot properly so they don't all look noisy and weirdly coloured.)

Below is a piece I've been working on with Shaun Amin and Tom Buddle. It's posca marker on a 100x100cm canvas. The idea being that we each take it in turns to build up the image. So far I think it's going pretty well!

Hopefully should be some big-ish new in the next post if i can stop being so indecisive...